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Nearly a week in

I had been meaning to post earlier in the week, but never really had a good opportunity. Maybe I’ll do a weekly Sunday post or something, who knows.

I’m adjusting well to life in NYC. The pace is certainly something I’m not used to. I quickly realized my first time in the subway that my leisurely stroll wasn’t going to be a good pace. But I’ve gotten used to it and now I find myself regularly passing people on the sidewalks and in the stations.

I stayed pretty busy all week. Between work and wandering, I was constantly worn out.

The first few days at the Journal were great. It’s been really interesting to kind of observe the entire observation the first couple days. I also stayed plenty busy producing various content for the website. 

The East Village is awesome. I got my first glimpse of nightlife over the weekend and it’s really cool. The people are fascinating. It’s pretty diverse within the neighborhood, however the majority of the folks are college students and 20-somethings. 

I can’t believe I have nine more weeks here. I think it still feels like I’m kind of here on vacation and that feeling probably won’t go away since my Dad is visiting this week so I’ll be back out sightseeing in the evenings.

I’ve done vendor food and had pizza for dinner tonight. Still no cab ride, yet. I’ll be sure to update when that happens.

I’ll try to update with more pictures as well. I can easily upload photos from my phone using the Tumblr app.



Getting closer

I realize it’s been a while since I last posted, and that’s fine with me. Like I said in the original post, there is no plan with this blog. I’m just gonna let it go.

Today, we finished our last paper of the year at the Herald and for me it was my last paper as editor. It’s a pretty crazy feeling that I virtually have no more day-to-day responsibility there anymore.

The Herald has improved me as a person, a journalist, a leader, a friend among other things.

But now, I can start to look towards the next chapter: NYC.

It’s crazy that in a month I’ll be coming back to Bowling Green to be a part of the Dow Jones Workshop before heading to the Big Apple.

So here we go, let the ride begin.



And the adventure begins

I found out I was going to be an intern at the Wall Street Journal on Feb. 8, 2010.

A little more than two months later after countless hours of research on Craigslist looking for a sublet, I was lucky to find a place in the East Village of Manhattan.

Now another two months before I head to the Big Apple.

I don’t know what this blog will evolve into. I don’t really have any ideas at this point for what I want to do with it, but now that the housing hunt is over with I figured it was a good time to start to really documenting the adventure.

There’s no way I can be in the greatest city in the world for 10 weeks and not document what takes place.

It’s an incredible opportunity and I want to take advantage of it in every way I can.

The coming weeks will mean more research on the East Village and looking at Google Street View because I like to prepare and I try not to leave any stone uncovered. But there’s a lot of stones to uncover in New York so I’m not sure what I’ll do.

Yelp has already been an incredible resource. I’ve found there’s a good burger place down the street from my apartment. There’s a Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods not far either. Who knows what else I’ll find.

So follow along if you’d like. We’ll have some fun for sure.